I Choose Me….


As this year comes to an end, I’m sitting here thinking back on everything that has caused me pain, heartache, anxiety, joy, peace and happiness.

I’ve been shown why I must put myself first sometimes. I never knew how self-care could cure the depression that I was dealing with! Since going to therapy, I’ve discovered that I’ve put myself aside one too many times, while putting others first in my life. What I’m trying to understand now is, why is no one putting me first as I’ve done countless times…

When I expressed this to my therapist, he stated, “How can you except people to put you first, when you don’t put yourself first?” 💡 When he said that, I was like OOP! Maybe the very thing I was longing for and missing all along was myself.

Could the cure to the depression and heartache be self-care? If I really took the time to make sure Greg was okay, happy and healthy, maybe then I wouldn’t feel incomplete. I’ve never been the type to see if I was good by evaluating my life, but I always worried about those around me, checking to make sure they were good. I have now decided to take that same energy and apply it to myself and life. I choose to take care of myself and make sure I’m happy. No more doing things to please others. I choose me!

I choose to protect myself from anything that will cause me pain. I choose to smile more, and actually be happy about life! I choose to acknowledge the warning signs of inconsistency. I choose to be the man that God has created me to be.


My prayer for you is that you CHOOSE YOU! Make 2019 about YOU! Make sure you are happy in every area and aspect of your life before you worry about anyone or anything else. Talk to God about the things you need, as well as the things He needs you to do! Take the time to really love yourself in 2019!

Remember, “You gotta love yourself, before you love anybody else.”

Signed- #AGrowingKing


7 thoughts on “I Choose Me….

  1. Greg, I’m so proud of you taking control of what and who matters and that is you! I admire your strength for sharing about your struggles. A lot of what you write, I see myself. Thank you for being open to help me heal along with you. Because as you and I know, depression is real. I love you ❤️

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  2. Bro, this is awesome! Man you just don’t know the confirmation I got from this as far as choosing me, myself, and I before I choose to help or be there for anyone else who in return is inconsistent. Thank you for your openness and please refer me to your therapist lol

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  3. By the time i got to the end i was hysterically in tears… i needed this. We never know where our answers will come from. I am so grateful that your lesson became my answer. I love you so much and am excited to witness your journey to happiness and fulfillment as i embark upon the same… stay amazing Greg!!! 🥰🥰

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  4. This is factual. I lost a dear friend yesterday who did everything for everyone he had what some refer to as “the empty cup syndrome” , he had been sick for two weeks and even in him being gravely ill he still continued to work and try and do for others, and it resulted in him losing his life. I bought him a get well card and the card read, “Just take care of you”. It never reached him, it’s still in his office, however I dont think he would have listened he was just that selfless. Choosing to be Selfish is not a bad thing, the day I decided to take care of my cup was the day I realized I mattered, not that others don’t but, always I come number 1 to me. To decide to choose Greg is huge, so sit back and enjoy every minute of it. Happy New year little big brother I’m cheering for you.

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