“My Friends Don’t Fit Anymore”


Ask yourself, do I have many friends sitting around doing nothing with their lives or time? If so, it may be time to let them go. This generation needs to gain an awareness of time and space. Please note, this blog is not about my friends, but about the unnecessary friends you may be keeping around. Let’s reevaluate our lives and cleanup.

In my closet, I own about 20 pairs of unwanted shoes that I don’t wear or care about; they’re literally sitting in my closet collecting dust and wasting space. I also have many shirts, pants and old Easter suits that are also not being used, which my mom constantly complains about. Don’t get me wrong, I believe I should get rid of them, but I always say, I need to go through them first and see what I can and cannot wear.  In other words, I need to evaluate my belongings.

So today, we are discussing the act of evaluating friends and friendships. Let’s determine who’s collecting dust or who may be sitting in the big black trash bag that is kept in the back of your closet.

The importance of doing this is to make sure everything around you have life and a purpose. We tend to keep certain friends around because we grew up with them or go to the same church, school, job, etc. Linda! Linda! Linda! Listen. I can guarantee you, a shirt in my closet in the big black garbage bag is TOOOO SMALL, just like that lifeless friend you’re holding on to. I’ll have you know, dead weight is unacceptable! PERIODT!

You must find your purpose in life and where God wants to take you, then you must be ready to face the fact that everyone in your so called circle isn’t coming for the ride with you. Before I realized who was for me, I wanted to keep everyone around, just so I could to say I had a “friend” in them, even if they did nothing for me and vice versa. They were just someone in my circle, who was just there. I realized, they needed to be cleared out!

Readers, we must STOP MOVING OLD THINGS TO NEW LEVELS! Meaning, some friendships are not qualified to stand with you in your new chapter of life, and you must be okay with that! We give people CEO status in our lives with no degree of integrity or loyalty, and then complain about their inconsistency and lack of communication! It’s time to have people around you that pours into you spirit and not just your flesh. Stop allowing over-sized luggage to cause you an extra fee when traveling on a plane to your next destination in life. Gain knowledge of your worth and protect your peace of mind at all cost, because everyone loves a clean closet.

12 thoughts on ““My Friends Don’t Fit Anymore”

  1. CHILE…. the importance of letting go what is no longer needed 😩😍This Blog speaks volumes!!! This one is my favorite!!! STOP TAKING OLD THINGS TO NEW LEVELS!! WHEWWWWWW!!!! Keep writing bro❤️❤️

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  2. Your analogies are killer in this one! I love the way you are able to address the issues with such tact. You’ve done it again sir…this is nothin but the truth! We’ve all been through this unfortunately but the important thing is being able to accept that you’ve simply “outgrown” a relationship.

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  3. This post speaks volumes..because it is the truth..Some people who I place the label on are still around..But sense I got saved..they cut themselves off..because they live different lives then me..but you best believe when they are in trouble theu call on me to PRAY..but I know the place GOD is taking me everybody can’t go..we all have to know GOD for ourselves..I have one friend who is saved with me so we are still close..we all know you can’t throw that word friend around..my circle smaller then a net booty..lol and you can’t see it’s booty..love your blogs💋

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  4. Oh my God! You are such an inspiration to me, I know just what you mean. I appreciate your blog and it’s honesty. I have already started cleaning out my closet and my life of those heavy unwanted items and especially people.

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