“What About Me?”


As I write this blog, I’m on the verge of tears because, the simple fact is, I’m sick of asking myself this question.. What about me?

How often do you ask yourself “What about me?” For me, the answer is way too often. I’m always the one calling and checking on others, it’s hardly every reciprocated. I’m only asked how I am, when I’m the one calling. It would be nice to be someone’s first thought.

It becomes quite draining to be there for others when they need you, but those same people aren’t around when you need them. At times, I wonder if I have “I’m good” tattooed on my forehead? Yes, I can appear to be good and strong, but just like you, I need someone in my corner telling me it’s going to be okay, good job or just a plain “heyyy.” I’m human just like the next person, I deal with depression, silent betrayal and suffer from loneliness too.

Writing this blog, you may think everything is okay with me, but in reality, it’s not. I have my moments when I just want to run away and never come back. There are times when I feel friendless, deserted and sad. In those moments, it seems no one cares about me. I find myself seeking attention from those who I know are not for me. I get it where I can, which isn’t always the smart thing to do. I’m always there for others and I support others. Who’s there for me, who’s supporting me, and why do I feel so lonely and neglected?

I’ve never understood why I had to tell some friends and family to support my dreams. If we’re close, then that should be a given, right? Hell NAH! I have watched my family and friends support any and everyone, but when it came to me, there was always an excuse. Some of my favorite remarks are, “Sorry bro, I didn’t see it!”, “I’m not on social media like that.” or “I don’t know how to get there or share it.”, right after they’ve shared a video on Facebook.

It’s just pure bullshit.

This summer, I dealt with a situation where I was betrayed by someone I thought was for me. That situation brought me internal pain that I’ve never experienced in my life, it took me out mentally! My heart was in so much pain. I will never understand how you can be willing to do anything for someone, and they still treat you like shit. The situation taught me two things.

1. No New Friends

2. No New Friends.

I have heard people say over and over, “God will take care them, you keep being you”. I’m sick of these cliches that are supposed to make you feel better about what you’re going though, or have gone through. It’s so easy to tell someone to walk away from the things that don’t do them any good, but then never give any instructions on how to do so. Stop giving the address without the directions.

I shared on Facebook the other day that “Self care is not allowing people to treat you any kind of way. YOU ARE IMPORTANT”. Its so easy to preach The Word, but it’s harder to actually live by it. To anyone who is experiencing the “what about me?” lifestyle, I want you to know you’re not in this fight by yourself. I’m here with you. One day we will get it together and realize our lives need the same love we give to others.


Signed A Growing King…

25 thoughts on ““What About Me?”

  1. The hard truth that most of us keep hidden. People tend to support us when it’s beneficial tO them. But the fact that you keep shining inspire of 😍😍😍😍… keep moving in Love

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  2. Greg, this one is like mind blowing because I’ve just felt like this TODAY. It’s like you show people you’re a nice person but when it all comes down to it, they won’t do the same for you. I’ve learned peope won’t ever have the same heart as you and there’s nothing you can do it about it. You wanna change your ways but it’s like, NO, this is how I am. And I’m not changing for nobody. PERIOD. You’ve said a mouthful with this one! What I do for people, they will never do for me. I get this bro, I do. ❤️ I’m here with you!! Thank you for this!

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  3. Wow!!! I’m so proud of you!!!
    Going through the EXACT thing. You had me in tears reading this. I just asked myself the other day, is it that easy to be forgotten??
    I love you

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  4. I just posted something similar to this the other day..I ask myself that question often..(WHAT ABOUT ME)..people look at me an see strength..don’t get me wrong..I’m strong because I have to be..but there are moment’s when I am weak..just hey how are you goes a long way..we live in a world where if you check on someone or just ask how they are..you are looked at as messy or being noisy..I felt this post..keep up the good work..Miss Pray💋

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  5. Why is THIS my life ??? Greg ! I am crying 😢 you put this in words I could never seem to get out without being angry. I swear my friends and family need to read this post. Thank you so much

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  6. Been there, got the T-shirt and panties 🙈. I’ve learned to treat others the way I want to be treated, not how they treat me. By continuing to be to that always there person, you are being you. Let them deal with who they are. God always has a ram in the bush. You’re stronger, smarter and greater because you “thought” no one was there. I love you Gregory! Keep being the you that I love! 😘😘😘

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  7. Been there, got the T-shirt and panties 🙈. I’ve learned to treat others the way I want to be treated, not how they treat me. By continuing to be to that always there person, you are being you. Let them deal with who they are. God always has a ram in the bush. You’re stronger, smarter and greater because you “thought” no one was there. I love you Gregory! Keep being the you that I love! 😘😘😘

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  8. I know this feeling all to well. I was constantly there for my friends for anything and everything. What I started to notice was they weren’t there for me the in the same way. They would constantly thank me but that was it. That’s when I realized who my true friends are and started to weave out the ones who weren’t really for me. Your to good of a man to have friends that are not truly your friend. If ever you need to talk, I’m here for you and will be more then wiling to listen.

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  9. You’re on point with this one! I can really identify with what you’re saying. A good friend just recently had to help me to deal with this type of thing. Keep sharing bro…not only is it therapeutic for you but you’re helping folks, believe me!

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  10. As I always say, “let Him use you”! That’s exactly what you’re doing. I can relate to this in so many ways. I just posted a video that I asked to be shared. I want to feel supported as well. We as a ppl do not support one another because we do not even know how to support ourselves. So many of us are just existing. We need to understand the difference between living and existing. Greg continue to live ❤️ and whatever I can do I’m here for you. I see your passion. Keep that passion going that only comes from God. Everyone isn’t meant to take this journey. He only gives it to the ones that will endure to the end. Keep allowing him to use you. Don’t worry about the naysayers who are usually the ones closest to you. It’s not about them and really love it’s not about you either. It’s about serving and helping others. Be blessed

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  11. I’m speechless Greg… and you know exactly why! Too too close to home but it so needed to be said. Thank you for voicing this; our frustration. I’ll have something soon that will piggy back off of this. 🖤💫 Love you POP!


  12. My life exactly! I’m so tired of people always wanting something but never willing to give anything. It’s always about them and never anyone else! Continue to let God use you and don’t look back!!! I love you 😘❤️


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