“Pks Are The Worst Kids Part 1”

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I’ve been in ministry with my parents for 25 years, and I must say it’s been an unique journey. We’ve graduated from driving one car to church as a family to each one of us driving our own vehicles. Growing up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) has definitely had it’s pros and cons!

Most people don’t understand the life of an PK. For years they have stereotyped us as the worst kids in church world, which just isn’t true. Well, for me and my siblings, it isn’t.

We’ve never been to jail, we’ve never been in any kind of community drama and we’ve never did anything crazy in school. We were solid kids. Trying to maintain a positive image because our parents were pastors was hard growing up. We couldn’t do what the other church kids were doing. Going out to the club was a definite no. We couldn’t go to the movies on a week day due to us being at church. It didn’t matter if no one else was at church, if the doors were opened, we were there, PERIODT!!!

However, the biggest sacrifice as PKs is sharing our parents with the people in the church. We lost them emotionally, sometimes spiritually and most times physically, due to the needs of the saints. When I was younger, I didn’t speak on my emotions or feelings to my parents. They were always dealing with the people in the church. If I had an issue, I always went to God because that’s what I was taught to do. There were many times my feelings needed my parents attention. I needed to hear my parents say, it’s going to be okay.

I observed them sacrifice and give their all to people in the church, and then watched those same people leave the church, while bad mouthing my parents.  I was conflicted and confused, because I know my parents gave their all to these people.  I thought to myself, WHAT?! You’re really out here talking about my parents after all the times they were there for you. I compromised my needs and feelings, so that you could have someone pray for and guide you! OH HELLLLLL NAWL!!

If the saints only knew what PKs really went through, they would never say “we are the worst kids”, but the most unselfish people in the church world. To share our parents with the community, and then get nothing in return is TRASH!! We deserve just as much as the pastors do, PERIODT! From missed graduations, to missed talent shows just to make sure Sister Bam Bam had someone to hold her hand while she went through hard times. We PKs had to endure that kind of absence from our parents, just to please the saints, the ones who calls us the bad kids! Imagine sharing your parents with some of the most ungrateful, inconsistent people in the world…

S.N. This is not all church goers, “saints”.

17 thoughts on ““Pks Are The Worst Kids Part 1”

  1. I have observed this happening with PK’s. The church members forget that the minister has a family too and expect him or her to be there through all their hard times not giving the minister’s family a 2nd thought. Sometimes the kids rebel because they need their parents to be parents to them and for them. This is real talk you are sharing and those that can’t voice this out loud will benefit from your blogs my friend.

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  2. Well i was the pk that they speak of lol…it was hard being held back from certain things because it was deemed ungodly… being beat over the head with the bible for everything i did….it made me wanna see what the hype was about…”what are they trying to hide from me” was my mindset…not knowing they knew what was right for me…i think things could’ve been handled differently…but going through things and experiencing things made meet who i am today…sold dope-smoked dope…been rich-been poe….every saint has a pass and every sinner has a future…

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  3. My kids are not PK…but my kids have a PRAYING mother..who not only attends church but brings them to church as well..and they know better then to act up..sometimes they do.because they are human..the ENEMY fights them hard because of this..just want to say..THANK YOU..to you and your siblings for sharing your parent’s..(my Bishop and Pastor) with my boy’s and me..Lord knows im thankful💋

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    1. I am forever grateful for you guys not being stingy with sharing your parents, its through them i realize it still true loyal pastor.thank you.


  4. Great blog. I enjoy your transparency! You have a set of great parents & I’m sure you know it. Thank you for sharing them with us. I WILL FOREVER BE THANKFUL FOR THAT.

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  5. Hopefully the “saints” can read your blog without being offended because you’re stating facts! I’m not a PK but being apart of the extended family has allowed me the opportunity to witness what you’re speaking about first hand! Keep sharing your truths with the people, no doubt there are others who share your feelings. Much respect to you G❤️

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  6. I so overstand your stance on this. The reality is, “the saints” were always looking to identify what we were doing wrong, but their kids and grandchildren were having babies out of wedlock among other things, but they found fault in us for not wearing stockings and wearing big earrings! Thank you for this! I think people need to know how their words and options of us help us formulate our opinions of who they are. #PK

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  7. Hey ❤️… Another great post. I’m not a PK but “Nessa” is my auntie so I know you shared your parents with my family many days and still do. For that we appreciate it and are grateful. As I always say continue to let the Lord use you.

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  8. You all were not the worst kids, just needed attention like all kids did and do. I appreciate all of the love, sacrifice and joyous moments with you all. There’s nothing like sharing your heart, thank you so much.


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